Organizational Team

The Organizational Team includes the Program Director, Clinical Manager, Base Supervisor, Training & Education Coordinator, Outreach, Communications Center Management, and Human Resources. All play a vital role in the management of operations and personnel.


Name Title
Paul Hyland Interim President, CEO
Jack B. Davidoff, MD Chief Medical Director
Mary Covley Chief Financial Officer
Gary H. Morgan Business Development
Erin VanZummeren, RN, EMT-B Program Director
Dwayne May, RN, EMT-B Clinical Manager
Bryce Rowles, EMT-P Communications Manager
Jason Osborne Communications Training & Education
Drew Cusimano, EMT-P Base Lead (Canandaigua)
Colleen Gleeson, EMT-P Outreach Coordinator
Chris O'Brien, EMT-P Outreach Specialist (EMS)
Adam Oplinger, RN, EMT-P Clinical Educator
Alan Babcock, EMT-P Base Lead (Marcellus)
Anita Roberts Director, Internal Affairs
Patricia Miller Development Director